Don't Look Now, But Microsoft Is Winning The War For The Living Room

Microsoft Xbox CES

Photo: Ellis Hamburger Business Insider

Everybody’s talking about how Apple, Google, and a bunch of newcomers are racing to take over the living room.But Microsoft is already there.

Microsoft has sold more than 60 million Xbox 360s, and has more than 40 million Xbox Live users.

But here’s the truly amazing part: Xbox Live users are now spending more time watching video and listening to music than they are playing games.

That’s according to Xbox marketing chief Yusuf Mehdi (late of Bing), who shared the stat with the LA Times.

Overall, Xbox Live users spend an average of 84 hours a month on the service, so take half of that and that means they’re spending 42 hours a month on entertainment.

By way of comparison, the average family spends 150 hours a month watching TV.

Earlier today, Microsoft added HBO and Comcast to the lineup of video providers available on Xbox Live. They join providers like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, and YouTube.

So Microsoft has the users. Microsoft has the content.

Meanwhile, Apple, Google, and all the other contenders in the interactive TV space are predicted to ship 12 million boxes in 2012. Combined.

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