Don’t Look Desperate

** From my weekly newsletter to subscribers **

Here’s how I can help in your job search this morning: I’m going to give you an excuse to reach out to that recruiter or HR person you’ve been waiting to hear back from.

Actually, I’ll be giving you an excuse and a little gift to reach out to them.

One of the fears I hear from job-seekers is, “I don’t want to look desperate… how long should I wait before e-mailing or calling them again?”

And I know how frustrating that can be… the waiting and the waiting and the waiting.

The recruiter with the great job that you know you’re just perfect for.

The HR person who told you to “sit tight” and she’d get back to you in a week… but that was three weeks ago.

The guy who says “just give me a couple days” every time you ping him.

It’s frustrating.

So I’m going to give you a good excuse this morning — reach out with a little present for them that shows you’re not just taking, but that you’re also giving back to them.

We launched a free version of TheLadders for recruiters and HR people called “Passport” on January 6th. Since then, we’ve had literally thousands upon thousands upon thousands of recruiters, staffers, HR generalists and hiring mangers sign up.

They love it!

So as I was thinking about writing this newsletter this weekend, I thought letting you be the “good guy” would be a great way to kill two birds with one stone — you look like a buddy for sending the information along, PLUS you’re much more likely to hear how your candidacy is going when you do a small favour for them.

Make that three birds — you’ll also be doing me a favour and making TheLadders an even bigger source of $100k+ jobs for our subscribers!

So I’ll be sending you another email shortly. You just hit “forward” and send it along to that HR person or executive search consultant that you’ve been waiting to hear from.

Be the first to tell them about Passport, and you’ll be a star!

Good luck!

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