Don't Know What Twerking Is? Then You Probably Googled It Like Every Other Aussie

Please turn on safe mode before Googling twerk…

The sudden deaths of two actors have topped Google’s annual list of the most searched for terms of 2013, but “twerking” is this year’s buzz word.

Twerk – a mash up of twitch or jerk – is a dance with an erotic intent where the hips bounce up-and-down to make the dancers buttocks jiggle. It was popularised by singer Miley Cyrus, but became an internet and election sensation when colourful Queensland mining magnate and then-aspiring politician Clive Palmer did it on a radio show.
Australians scurried to the internet to ask “What is twerking?”.
It’s not known whether Mr Palmer, now a federal MP, and No. 3 on the trending politicians list, will introduce legislation to ban MPs from doing it.

Google’s annual “Zeitgeist” lists reveal what captured the national imagination.

The top trending topics were Paul Walker, the Fast and Furious star who died in a car crash on November 30, followed by Cory Monteith, the former Glee star who died of an overdose in July (in his native Canada, he also came second behind Toronto’s notoriously crack-addled mayor Rob Ford).

The top trending searches reveal our nation’s love of royal baby news, technology (iPhone 5s), despotic, nuclear-armed family dynasties (North Korea), bushfires and staying safe (RFS) and the election and registering to vote (AEC), with reality TV – The Block, My Kitchen Rules and House Rules rounding out the top 10.

X Factor judge Redfoo made viewers curious – he was the top “Who is..” followed by the mysterious British street artist Banksy, while would-be karaoke stars when searching for the lyrics to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop, followed by Miley Cryus’ Wrecking Ball.

Regrettably, Gangnam Style was once again the top song search, while home cooks went looking for pancake recipes.

In other searches, twerking topped the “What is..” list -and was No. 8 on “How to…” – followed by love, which may be the result of a craze to ask Siri, the iPhone’s concierge, just that question.
Technology also dominated the What is… list as people sought explanations for Instagram, Snapchat and Tumblr, while diet played its part in searches for gluten and cilantro (the American term for coriander).
How to Kiss came second to drawing when it comes to practical advice.

The big news stories are most likely etched on the collective consciousness: the Boston bombing, Typhoon Haiyan, Oklahoma tornado, Russian meteor, US government shutdown and all important royal baby name.

Miranda Kerr beat Michelle Bridges and Tom Waterhouse as Australia’s most-searched celebrity. Paul Walker, Cory Monteith Nelson Mandela, Tony Abbott and Oscar Pistorius were the top five trending people from around the world.
Sonny Bill Williams was the most-searched for athlete, with Roger Federer and Lebron James taking the minor placings, but surprisingly, the English football team Chelsea topped most-searched sports team, beating Sydney Swans AFL club.

Here are the lists of what Australians looked for on Google this year

Top Trending Searches
1. Paul Walker
2. Cory Monteith
3. Royal Baby
4. iPhone 5s
5. North Korea
6. RFS
7. AEC
8. The Block
9. My Kitchen Rules
10. House Rules

What is…?
1. Twerking
2. Love
3. Gluten
4. Depression
5. Instagram
6. Snapchat
7. Anxiety
8. Diabetes
9. Cilantro
10. Tumblr

News items of 2013
1. Boston Bombing
2. North Korea news
3. Royal Baby name
4. Typhoon Haiyan
5. Costa Concordia
6. US Government Shutdown
7. Oklahoma Tornado
8. Russian Meteor
9. Angelina Jolie Mastectomy
10. Texas Explosion

Politicians (Trending)
1. Tony Abbott
2. Kevin Rudd
3. Clive Palmer
4. Sophie Mirabella
5. Fiona Scott
6. Bill Shorten
7. Anthony Albanese
8. Joe Hockey
9. Julie Bishop
10. Bill Glasson

Australian Celebrities (Most Searched)
1. Miranda Kerr
2. Michelle Bridges
3. Tom Waterhouse
4. Delta Goodrem
5. Sonny Bill Williams
6. Liam Hemsworth
7. Hamish and Andy
8. Hugh Jackman
9. Dami Im
10. Iggy Azalea

People (Trending)
1. Paul Walker
2. Cory Monteith
3. Nelson Mandela
4. Tony Abbott
5. Oscar Pistorius
6. Kevin Rudd
7. Ricky Martin
8. Amanda Bynes
9. Kim Kardashian Baby
10. Rolf Harris

Athletes (Trending)
1. Sonny Bill Williams
2. Federer
3. Lebron James
4. Rafael Nadal
5. Gareth Bale
6. Messi
7. Adam Scott
8. Luis Suarez
9. Ashton Agar
10. Anthony Mundine

Song Lyrics (Trending)
1. Thrift Shop Lyrics
2. Wrecking Ball Lyrics
3. Blurred Lines Lyrics
4. Royals Lyrics
5. Same Love Lyrics
6. Roar Lyrics
7. Impossible Lyrics
8. Little Talks Lyrics
9. Cup Song Lyrics
10. Stay Rihanna Lyrics

Songs (Trending)
1. Gangnam Style
2. Blurred Lines
3. Wrecking Ball
4. Thrift Shop
5. Roar
6. Acapella
7. Gentleman
8. Royals
9. Same Love
10. Impossible

Recipes (Most Searched)
1. Pancake Recipe
2. Slow Cooker Recipe
3. Chocolate Cake Recipe
4. Thermomix Recipe
5. Scone Recipe
6. Fried Rice Recipe
7. Carbonara Recipe
8. Crepe Recipe
9. Soup Recipes
10. Pork Belly Recipe

Digital/Internet Lingo (Trending)
1. Bitstrips
2. Snapchat
3. Bitcoin
4. Vine
5. Doge
7. Statigram
8. Grumpy Cat
9. Giraffe Riddle
10. Jailbreak

Who is…? (Most Searched)
1. Redfoo
2. Banksy
3. Jesus
4. Gok
5. God
6. Allah
7. Jerry
8. Buddha
9. Siri
10. Zyzz

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