INSTANT MBA: Don't Focus On Your Weaknesses

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Photo: Kiip

Today’s advice comes from Brian Wong, CEO of Klip, via Clarity“Use your superpower: try not to focus too much on your weaknesses and focus more on accentuating your strengths. I usually ask in interviews with potential candidates at our company: ‘What’s your superpower?’ My intention is to try to uncover what that person thinks they do best.”

Wong, the youngest person to ever receive venture capital funding, knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. Wong believes that the key is to highlight your strengths. This advice is not only useful when going into a job interview, it can also be applied in the workplace. It’s always good when you flaunt your superpower because you become the go-to person for anything related to your area of expertise. Even if you’re not an expert at anything in particular, a simple skill can go a long way. 

“This could be super simple as: “reading people”, “dissipating arguments”, “dealing with high-stress”, “weaving blankets with yarn” – and in my case, “getting people really excited…” Take your superpower and use it well. It allows you to brand yourself consistently, allow people to pinpoint on something that ultimately makes you you. Stop trying to fix weaknesses that don’t need fixing. In fact, in certain situations weaknesses can be perceived as strengths.

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