Microsoft Wins: HP Is Betting On Windows 8 Tablets, Not WebOS

hp touchpad 5Still dead.

HP decided this afternoon to hang on to its PC business after all. Does that mean it’s also going to hang on to WebOS, the tablet software that it bought from Palm and used in the short-lived TouchPad?Don’t bet on it.

On a call with analysts this afternoon, CEO Meg Whitman said that HP is focusing on Windows 8 for its tablet strategy — just as HP hinted way back in June.

Personal Systems Group head Todd Bradley added “the work that we’re doing with Microsoft is extraordinarily compelling,” reports ZDNet.

Separately, we’ve heard that HP still hasn’t made a final decision whether to ship WebOS on new PCs next year. But given that the entire reason for that move was to boost the TouchPad, it seems extremely unlikely.

In September, HP split the WebOS group from the Personal Systems Group that contains its PC business.

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