The iPad 2 Died Today

ipad 2

Photo: MattsMacintosh via Flickr

The iPad 2 died today.Well, sort of. Apple will still sell it for at least another six months or so. But with today’s introduction of the iPad Mini, it’s a pointless purchase.

That’s because the iPad Mini has essentially the same specs as the iPad 2┬ábut in a smaller shell. And at $329, it’s $70 less than the iPad 2.

In short, the iPad Mini is the same tablet as the iPad 2 but it costs a lot less. It’s going to be tough for people justify buying an iPad 2 over the iPad Mini.

Yes, the iPad 2 has a bigger screen. But if you’re going to go big, go all the way and get the new fourth-generation iPad (just announced today!) with the Retina display and faster guts.

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