Here's What You Need To Know About AppleCare+ On iPhone 5*

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Photo: adria.richards

Earlier today we said that AppleCare+ wasn’t a good deal and that was wrong. Sorry about that.After some consultation with Apple experts we realised that we confused Apple’s old AppleCare with the newer AppleCare+.

AppleCare+ actually is a good deal and you should buy it if you’re accident prone.

AppleCare+ costs $99 and if you drop your phone or get it wet Apple will replace your iPhone for a $49 deductible (up to two times). But this does not cover if you lose your phone or get it stolen.

We do think you should know that most mobile phone carriers offer their own insurance plans that will replace your phone if anything happens to it for about $9.99 per month. Pricing varies by carrier, so make sure you ask. Carrier insurance plans will cover your phone if it’s lost, stolen, broken, etc. You’re completely covered. There are also companies like¬†SquareTrade, which let you build a custom warranty based on your needs.¬†

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