Microsoft Essentially Told You Not To Buy A Windows Phone Until Later This Year

Nokia Lumia screen strength test

Photo: YouTube

With its big Windows Phone 8 announcement today, Microsoft buried its current line of Windows Phones.That’s because today’s devices run the Windows Phone 7 operating system and won’t be compatible with the new software when it’s released this fall

So if you own a Nokia Lumia 900 or other Windows Phone, you’re going to be missing out on a lot of great features.

And all those Windows Phones sitting on store shelves are going to be obsolete in a few short months.

Granted, Microsoft will be issuing a minor update to current Windows Phone 7 devices later this year that will give some benefits like the new customisable Start screen. But future Windows Phone 8 devices will get all the glory. They’ll get the best apps and most useful new features like NFC payments. They’ll also play nice with Windows 8 tablets and desktops.

That’s good news if you want to buy a Windows Phone 8 device later this year. 

It’s really bad news if you’re already a Windows Phone 7 owner.

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