Don't Buy A New Windows PC Until After June 2

sony vaio windows 8 touchscreen pc

Photo: Steve Kovach, Business Insider

If you buy a Windows 7 PC after June 2, you’ll be eligible for for an discounted upgrade to Windows 8, reports CNet.But there’s a catch. Unlike Microsoft’s past upgrade offers this one won’t give you Windows 8 for free. 

That’s a risky move for Microsoft, but an interesting one. Typically Windows PC sales die right before Microsoft releases a new OS. The free upgrade was a way to stop that from happening.

We don’t know how much Microsoft wants to charge for the upgrade.

It looks like there will be other restrictions, too. For instance, Microsoft might restrict the offer to Windows 8 Pro, not the mainstream Windows 8 edition.

Windows 7 buyers also need to consider that Windows 8 is really designed for a touch interface. Not all Windows 7 PCs have touchscreens.

So unless Microsoft makes this a fantastic deal and validates that Windows 7 PCs can run the coolest parts of Windows 8, you might want to wait before you that new PC.

Microsoft hasn’t said when Windows 8 will be out, but it’s expected to be some time in the fall.

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