Don't Bet Against Alistair Overeem

Overrated, over-hyped, and fraud are just some recent MMA headlines regarding Alistair Overeem. If you read the headlines without seeing the fight you would think he actually lost to Fabricio Werdum.

I am a little surprised at the reaction that Strikeforce heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem has received since defeating Fabricio Werdum via decision to advance in the Strikeforce Heavyweight Grand Prix tournament. Quite frankly I find it laughable that a guy that just weeks ago that some touted as the next heavyweight MMA star has all of the sudden become a dud in one fight…a fight he won.

I get it. The Demolition Man didn’t come into the cage and swarm Werdum with an onslaught of strikes that most MMA fans hoped he would do. It certainly wasn’t the kind of performance that fans have been accustomed to seeing from the champion. However, the guy did what he had to do to win and fought a smart fight. If anything, I think Alistair Overeem’s stock went up with this fight.

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