INSTANT MBA: Don't Be Another 'Me Too' Player

Josh Linkner

Photo: Inc.

Today’s advice comes from Josh Linkner, author, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur, via Inc:“The world doesn’t need another ‘me too’ player. What the world craves and would pay handsomely for is originality. Things that are remarkable; things that are a category of one.”

To demonstrate his point, Linkner talked about Dove’s 2006 campaign, Evolution. The Evolution campaign was memorable because, unlike other beauty brands, it focused on real women and authentic beauty, venturing away from photoshopped images and supermodels.

Linkner believes that companies should create products, campaigns, and services that are their own evolution. Though it can be tough to take chances on an untested concept, the results can be extremely rewarding.

“Think about creativity in a slightly different way. sure, you need creativity for product innovation, but start applying it to all aspects of your business life and you’ll see a tremendous competitive advantage”

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