Donovan McNabb Surprised The Chicago Bears Didn’t Sign Him

Donovan McNabb in a recent interview claims that not only should the Chicago Bears have signed him, but they would have won with him. A pretty bold statement coming from a guy that has been exiled by three teams in two years coming off of a 1-5 record as a starter.

As a Philadelphia Eagles fan I welcome the continued delusional ranting of Donovan McNabb. For years, Philadelphia fans were told how unappreciative we were to have such a great team player lead our football team. In the last two years McNabb has done a fantastic job of exposing himself to the national media and audience as one of the biggest frauds in recent memory.

What always bugged me is how the national media always had his back. No matter how bad of a game he played or how dumb of a thing he said in Philadelphia, Donovan was always the good guy. It was always about how lucky the Eagles were to have Donovan, rather than calling McNabb on his failures as a team leader.

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