Donald Trump's press secretary may have just shown his password to the world

Sean Spicer has had a rough start in the position of President Donald Trump’s press secretary, fighting with the media about the size of the inauguration crowd, the unemployment rate and supposed electoral fraud, all while having his gum-chewing habits analysed and becoming a meme. And the man hasn’t even been in the job for a whole week.

On Thursday night, Spicer again could not avoid the spotlight, tweeting out a string of nonsensical letters that may have been his password.

Social media has been abuzz about the tweet, which said “n9y25ah7” then was quickly deleted. Screenshots of the post have since been circulating, with various theories as to what may have happened.

The potential security breach comes as Trump was criticised this week for using an insecure personal Android device to continue tweeting as president. For Spicer, hackers are now likely to be using the password to attempt to login to every platform available.

One theory, suggested by Wired UK senior editor James Temperton, among others, is that Spicer was using Cloudhopper – a tool that converts text messages into tweets. The press secretary may have been attempting to send a password to someone by SMS, but accidentally sent it to Cloudhopper instead.

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