Melania Trump says she’s blackballed by groups she wants to work with because of her husband

ABC/TwitterMelania Trump on ABC News, Wednesday.
  • Melania Trump says her husband’s politics are hurting her attempts to partner with aid organisations.
  • She said to ABC host Tom Llamas, broadcast Wednesday, that groups are “chosing the politics over helping others,” as they don’t want to be associated with him.
  • In the interview promoting her documentary “Being Melania – The First Lady,” she said she wouldn’t name names, but “they know who they are.”

Melania Trump says her help is being shunned by aid organisations because they don’t want to be associated with her husband’s administration.

Appearing on ABC News on Wednesday, The First Lady said: “It’s sad to see that organisations and foundations I want to partner with choose not to because of the administration and I feel they are choosing the politics over helping others.”

Trump was speaking to anchor Tom Llamas in an interview about her upcoming ABC documentary called “Being Melania – The First Lady,” which airs at 10 p.m. (EDT) on Thursday.

After describing how she was being blackballed, when Llamas asked her to name names she said: “I would not talk about it, they know who they are.”

The revelation came when Llamas asked Trump what surprised her about being First Lady.

Melania trump egypt indianna jonesABC/TwitterMelania Trump in Egypt, October 2018.

A main push of the First Lady’s advocacy in office has centered around fighting cyber bullying, something which she’s passionate about. But the President stands accused of using his Twitter account and public speeches as often mocking or bullying opponents.

She was speaking to ABC in Egypt on Tuesday, one of the stops on her first solo tour abroad to Africa.

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