America's respect for Donald Trump has collapsed over three years

Three years ago, Donald Trump inspired envy and distrust from the average American. Now he inspires contempt and rejection.

That’s a finding from a new study from Fidelum Partners, which asked 1,012 adults to assess Trump, Hillary Clinton, and other famous people on qualities relates to warmth and competence, traits have been shown by Princeton University social psychologist Susan Fiske and others to underlie many of our preferences.

In a 2013 version of the study, Trump scored high for competence and low for warmth. In the 2016 version, he scored low for competence and low for warmth.

Check it out:

Other people who have taken a dip since 2013: Vladimir Putin and Tom Brady. Those rising: Tiger Woods, Mark Zuckerberg.

Of course, this chart is looking at what Americans on average think about Trump. In fact, there’s been an extreme polarization, with some Americans coming to worship him and others to despise him.

Here’s what Trump supporters think about him now:

Here’s what Clinton supporters think about him now:

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