Donald Trump just launched an attack to try and finish off one of his rivals in the big Ohio primary

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump released an attack ad Friday against Ohio Gov. John Kasich ahead of the big winner-take-all primary in the state next week.

Trump attacked Kasich as an “all-talk, no-action” politician and accused him of contributing to the destruction of the global economy.

The ad went on to call Kasich an “absentee governor” who has been spending too much time outside of Ohio while campaigning for president.

The spot then called Michigan the “latest disaster in Kasich’s failing presidential bid.” Kasich lost to Trump in the Michigan primary earlier this week, coming in third place behind Texas Sen. Ted Cruz.

The Trump spot also attacked Kasich over Ohio’s finances and for the governor’s past job at Lehman Brothers.

Until recently, Trump focused almost all of his energy on attacking Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who went after him hard in a debate two weeks ago. Florida also hosts a crucial winner-take-all primary contest next Tuesday, and Trump has unleashed a number of attack ads against Rubio there.

Trump is similarly making a big play for Ohio as he fights to win enough delegates to avoid a contested Republican convention this summer.

Rubio’s campaign, hoping to thwart Trump’s plans, took an unusual step on Friday and urged Rubio supporters in Ohio to vote for Kasich. Trump is currently ahead in the polls in Ohio, but the margin is narrow.

Trump also scheduled two campaign stops in Ohio on Saturday. He further focused much of his attacks on Kasich in a Friday stump speech in Missouri.

Watch Trump’s new ad below:
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 11, 2016

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