Donald Trump: ‘We Should’ve Taken Libya’s Oil’

Donald Trump

In a recent video posting on his YouTube channel, independent Presidential candidate (or not! No one knows yet…) Donald Trump offered his view on the success in Libya thus far.

He suggests the following: “We should’ve said [to the rebels], we’ll help you, but we want 50% of your oil.”

Instead, he says we have beared the vast majority of the costs of war in Libya, without getting anything in return — Trump says “we could have had something special,” but instead the rebels will “rip us off, they’re gonna charge us so much” for access to their oil fields.

What do you think? Feel free to sound off in the comments section. It’s worth noting that I have had several European friends tell me the US went into Iraq “only to steal their oil.” Whenever I hear this outrageous claim, I invariably reply, “Can you provide even a shred of proof that the US has ‘stolen’ a single barrel of oil from Iraq post-invasion?”

If the rest of the world is going to paint us as oil mongers, we might as well be oil mongers… and recoup some of our military expenses. Stealth bomber sorties over Libya and enforcing a no-fly zone ain’t cheap, folks.

Video below: