Donald Trump's net worth has not grown as quickly as these 41 other extremely rich people

Donald Trump has grown his wealth at a much slower rate over the last 27 years than many of his billionaire peers.

Inspired by this report we found in the New York Times comparing Trump’s wealth to a handful of other billionaires and the stock market as a whole, we took a look at how the net worths of the extremely elite club of 56 people we were able to identify on the Forbes 400 list in both 1988 and 2014 have changed over the last 27 years.

Former Oracle CEO Larry Ellison had the biggest increase in net worth between the two Forbes rankings, from just $US330 million in 1988 to his third-highest in the world 2015 fortune of $US48.7 billion. Ellison’s wealth increased by an incredible 14,658% over that time period.

Meanwhile, Forbes estimated that Trump’s net worth in 1988 was $US1 billion, growing to about $US4 billion in 2015 — a comparatively meager 300% increase. Of course, Trump has disputed Forbes’ estimates of his current wealth, claiming to be worth over “TEN BILLION DOLLARS.” However, even if we accept this value, the associated 900% increase would still be quite a bit lower than that of many of his peers.

Here’s the change in net worth for each of the 56 people we found on both the 1988 and 2014 rankings, with Trump marked in red and with the S&P 500’s dividend and split adjusted increase included for comparison:

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