TRUMP: There are 10 people left on my VP list -- including some you don't know about yet

Donald Trump told Fox News Wednesday that 10 people were left on his list of potential running mates, including two generals and some names “that haven’t surfaced yet.”

“Well I’m actually looking at 10 people, and three or four called me up, very big names, Senate and governors and all,” the Manhattan billionaire said. “And they want to be considered. And we’re looking very, very strongly.”

Trump mentioned his weekend meetings with Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst — who all but withdrew herself from consideration on Wednesday — and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence. Trump also had Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker introduce him at a Tuesday rally in Raleigh, North Carolina, but Corker too took himself out of consideration on Wednesday.

Other names that have been frequently floated include New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie — who was reportedly vetted for the role — and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who will be a part of Trump’s Wednesday evening rally in Cincinnati.

“I met with Joni. She’s terrific, supportive,” Trump said. “And I, as you know — Bob was with me yesterday and he told me everything that he really would like to do and Bob is a terrific guy. We spent the day yesterday. And it’s an honour and very supportive. And I’m very supportive of them.”

“I’ll be seeing Newt later on,” he continued. “And he’s —  Newt is Newt. You know, great guy. Tough and smart. And just a fantastic guy.”

He later praised Pence as well.

“Mike is a great guy,” he said. “Mike Pence.”

Trump reiterated that his list is down to “about” 10 people, including “some names that haven’t surface yet who have actually called me.”

“And a lot people are calling me that you wouldn’t even think about,” he said. “They want to have their names thrown into the hat. And we’re gonna look at some people. So we have a lot of interest in it, believe me.”

Asked about the idea of having a general serve as his running mate, he said he likes “the concept of the generals.”

“We’re thinking about actually – there are two of them that are under consideration,” he said. “We — really, we’re looking to go more the political route in terms of getting legislation passed which is what they do. And I think frankly, we don’t want to do the executive orders, like Obama’s been doing. He just sits down, signs executive orders all day long. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. So, I really have been thinking in terms of the politicians, but we’re looking at two generals.”

Gens. Michael Flynn and Stanley McChrystal have been two that are often named as potential fits to be Trump’s running mate

Watch Trump’s comments to Fox News below:

.@realDonaldTrump says there are 10 people on his VP list, including names that haven’t surfaced yet and 2 generals
— Fox News (@FoxNews) July 6, 2016

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