Donald Trump says the latest FBI documents on Hillary Clinton prove 'corruption at the highest level'

Donald Trump released a video Monday afternoon in which he called the latest documents released by the FBI on the Hillary Clinton email investigation “proof of corruption at the highest level.”

“This is very big and frankly, it’s unbelievable,” Trump said. “What was just found out is the State Department and the FBI colluded, got together, to make Hillary Clinton look less guilty and look lot better than she looks.”

The FBI documents released Monday suggest an undersecretary of state requested that the FBI change a classified email to unclassified for what a bureau official interpreted as a “quid pro quo” exchange with the State Department.

The undersecretary of state, Patrick Kennedy, asked for assistance in changing the classification of an email that the FBI had marked classified, according to an individual whose name was redacted in the fourth batch of notes summarizing the FBI’s investigation into Clinton’s email conduct. The investigation took place in 2015, after Clinton had left the State Department.

According to the documents, the FBI official then contacted another person and “pressured” the individual to change the classification of the email.

In exchange for marking the email unclassified, the State Department was willing to “reciprocate by allowing the FBI to place more agents in countries where they are presently forbidden,” according to the documents.

The deal, which was rejected, was characterised as a “quid pro quo” by the unnamed individual relaying an account of the conversation Kennedy had with the FBI official.

“This is one of the big breaking stories of our time, in my opinion,” Trump said. “This shows corruption at the highest level, and we can’t let it happen as American citizens.”

“So let’s see how the press covers it, because the press likes not to cover it,” he continued. “The best thing that Hillary Clinton has going is the media, because without the media, she wouldn’t even be in this race.”

The Republican presidential nominee said the documents proved there was “collusion” between the FBI, State Department, and Department of Justice, and that the Democratic presidential nominee is “guilty of very high crimes.”

Trump’s campaign also called on Kennedy to resign in a statement released Monday afternoon.

“Today’s release of the FBI notes on their investigation into Clinton’s secret email server is deeply disturbing,” senior communications adviser Jason Miller said in a statement. “The news that top Clinton aide Patrick Kennedy tried to engage in a blatant quid pro quo for changing the classification level of several of Clinton’s emails shows a cavalier attitude towards protecting our nation’s secrets. Kennedy must resign from the State Department immediately and Clinton must state he has no place in her administration if she is elected President.”

During the second presidential debate, and in subsequent rallies, Trump threatened that Clinton would “be in jail” should he be elected in the fall, as he promised his attorney general would appoint a special prosecutor to look into her email controversy.

“Let’s hope that our country gets a fair shake,” Trump said in the Monday video. “This is a big mess.”

Watch the video below:

Pamela Engel contributed to this report.

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