Donald Trump warns after Iran holds US sailors: 'The Iranians like to taunt us'

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump lamented Iran’s lack of respect for the US after the US said Tuesday that some of its sailors were being held by the Middle Eastern country.

Trump cited the issue while giving examples of his ability to talk about current topics without using a teleprompter “like our president and half of these politicians” do.

“We speak about current events,” Trump explained at a Tuesday-night rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

“Like, as an example, the boats got captured,” he continued. “Now, maybe by the time we get out, we get them back. But maybe not. Because the Iranians like to taunt us because they don’t have like respect for our leaders, right?”

Trump then immediately proceeded to another current topic: his website traffic.

Iran said it would return the 10 sailors and their two boats, but they will reportedly spend the night there. The boats apparently experienced mechanical difficulties, according to US officials, and drifted into Iranian waters during a training mission.

The semi-official Fars news agency in Iran said that there was GPS equipment on the boats, according to The New York Times. The news agency reportedly said the equipment would “prove that the American ships [were] ‘snooping’ around in Iranian waters.”

Trump is a prominent critic of the US’ policy toward Iran, especially the deal struck to curtail Tehran’s nuclear ambitions. Trump has previously said he would be much tougher than President Barack Obama toward Iran, and would demand the country release other Americans held there.

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