The Attorney General Is Investigating Donald Trump’s “University” For Illegal Business Practices


So, yes, Donald Trump apparently has a university. 

On first glance it sounds somewhat like Glenn Beck’s “university” except, as it turns out, The Donald charges up to $35,000 a course (Beck’s is included in his website subscription, which is $75.00/year) and people actually pay up.

Sound fishy?   The New York attorney general thinks so, too.

The New York Times reports the AG’s office is investigating whether Trump has engaged in has engaged in “illegal business practices.” 

Seems the “university” may have been overselling its ability to “teach you better than the best business school” and, most importantly, find students a job after they finish. 

In Trump’s case the school was apparently pitched almost solely on the strength of Trump’s name (a rather stunning fact, all things considered) but is falling short in reality, primarily because there is not enough Trump.


According to the NYT the “Better Business Bureau gave the school a D-minus for 2010, its second-lowest grade, after receiving 23 complaints.”   Here is one of those complaints from 59-year-old Carmen Mendez a public school teacher in Brooklyn. 

“Mr. Trump is a very respectable person, and I thought that Trump University was a real institution…I am writing because I want people to be aware that Trump University is not a real educational institution…Please advise other people so they do not lose their savings in these difficult days.”

Where Trump is concerned everything is in the name. 

The university is apparently overhauling their curriculum and want to include more Trump.  Presumably the Trump University reality show can’t be far behind.