'Iowa is meaningless': Donald Trump retweets flurry of cheering supporters after loss to Ted Cruz

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump retweeted a series of well-wishers Tuesday afternoon urging him to brush off his loss in the Iowa caucuses the night before.

“All you haters need to realise Trump got the second highest vote in history. And he’s never held office!” one of the retweeted messages stated.

“Iowa is meaningless…keep pushing forward,” said another.

“Amazing job in Iowa! Cruz just barely won,” declared a third.

Trump was the Republican front-runner going into the Iowa caucuses, and he frequently boasted about his poll numbers in the state. He also stressed about how important it was for him to win there, but he was ultimately upset by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas).

The billionaire businessman’s loss to Cruz was further amplified by another Republican candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Texas),¬†also outperforming expectations. Rubio, who had been polling a relatively distant third, closed the gap on election night to place just behind Trump.

In the end, there wasn’t much of difference separating the top-three contenders: Cruz received¬†eight delegates, while Trump and Rubio tied at seven. New Hampshire next weighs in on the primary race next Tuesday.

Trump also took a direct Twitter jab at Cruz, declaring that the senator’s lengthy victory speech was similar to former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean’s (D) infamous yell during a concession speech following the 2004 Iowa caucuses:

View Trump’s small storm of retweets below:

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