Donald Trump tweeted a wildly inaccurate chart from a fake source

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump is under fire for a picture published on his Twitter account of crime statistics that are completely wrong.

His tweet showed a breakdown of killings based on race and those killed by police in 2015. The biggest red flag from the graphic is that the source, “The Crime Statistics Bureau – San Francisco,” does not exist. Crime statistics from 2015 have not even been released because the year is not over, but when cross-referenced against statistics from 2014, the graphic tweeted by Trump is way off. According to the picture tweeted by Trump, the percentage of white people killed by black people is 81%, when in 2014 it was actually 15%.

The graphic also showed that a smaller percentage of the black population is killed by police than the white population. While there is not reliable national data about the number of people killed by police, a study from the Guardian showed that black people are 11 times more likely to be killed by police, based on numbers so far this year.

Trump’s graphic was also off on the percentage of white people killed by other white people and the percentage of black people killed by other black people.

Story and editing by Andrew Fowler.

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