ABC host to Donald Trump: Would you do 'late-night Twitter wars with world leaders?'

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump pledged to tone down his Twitter presence if elected president.

In a Sunday interview on ABC’s “This Week,” host Jonathan Karl asked Trump if he would continue his late-night Twitter fights with famous public figures while serving in the White House.

“Would you act this way as the president of the United States? Would you be doing late-night Twitter wars with world leaders who insulted you?” Karl asked.

Trump emphasised that while the medium was a powerful way of communicating with supporters, he may not have time to tweet much as president.

“It’s a great way of communicating. Now, other people don’t like it because they have 15 followers,” Trump said. “Between [Twitter] and Instagram, I have around 16 million followers.”

“It’s a great way of communicating, as far as I’m concerned. But I’m not going to be doing it very much as president,” he added.

Trump has made Twitter and Instagram two primary arms of his campaign communications strategy, using Instagram to mock rivals with short videos and often firing off pointed tweets at opponents late at night.

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