Here’s Why Donald Trump Is Being Allowed To Spout His Birther Nonsense All Over TV

trump birther

Short answer: It’s great for business.

And I don’t just mean it’s great for Donald Trump‘s reality show Apprentice business (though essentially NBC is getting what would be very expensive advertising for free) it’s just great for all media business.

Trump did the media rounds yesterday, stopping by MSNBC, NBC, and CNN.  All of which got great soundbites and widely circulated video clips from it.

But they got more than that. 

By embracing his birther nonsense as acceptable enough to promote on mainstream TV (it’s probably not possible to get more mainstream than Today) they have provided Trump with a patina of approval simultaneously opening the door for segments like: ‘Fact-checking Trump’s Birther Claims’ which ran on Morning Joe this morning. 

Or from CNN: “”Donald Trump says Obama wasn’t born here. We’ll show you the evidence, and let you decide.” CNN.


Trump is the new Sarah Palin, except even better because he’ll actually agree to do interviews, and the more interviews he does, he more legitimate he becomes (something Palin never quite figured out), the more OK it is for supposed reasonable news organisations to devote minutes to “questioning” him. 


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