Malcolm Turnbull has invited Donald Trump to visit Australia

Getty ImagesUS President Donald Trump and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (L).

  • Malcolm Turnbull has invited Donald Trump to visit Australia.
  • Turnbull has recently returned from the US where he met with Trump.
  • No dates were discussed.

  • Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has invited US President Donald Trump to visit Australia.

    Turnbull, who has just returned from Washington, reportedly extended the invitation to Trump during talks in the White House at the weekend.

    While official dates weren’t discussed, the visit could take place this year.

    The informal invitation followed a three-day visit to the US, and discussions in which the two leaders committed to stronger action against North Korea and the need for robust US military engagement in the Asia Pacific.

    “[We] have a commitment to keeping energy markets open in our region and above all though, we have been able to share our perspectives on the region, on North Korea, on the global battle against terrorism and also our perspectives too on the importance of free trade and open markets,” said Turnbull.

    “We’ve discussed a number of means of sanctions enforcement against North Korea and one of the most important areas, one of the most significant ways in which North Korea is seeking to evade sanctions is through exchanging goods, oil in particular, at sea. So we need to be acutely alert to that, we are and we need to cooperate and ensure we do everything we can to tighten the vice of those sanctions.

    “That is the way to bring North Korea to its senses without conflict.”

    On Friday, the US said it was imposing its largest package of sanctions to pressure North Korea to give up its nuclear missile program. The new sanctions targets more than 50 shipping and maritime companies in a bid to stop the illicit trade of oil and goods into North Korea.

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