Donald Trump fumes at ‘The View’ after panel fries Ben Carson for supporting him

Ben carson the view
Ben Carson on ‘The View.’ ABC/YouTube/screenshot

GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump was livid at ABC’s “The View” on Twitter after its panel of hosts, namely Whoopi Goldberg, slammed retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson for supporting him.

[email protected] T.V. show, which is failing so badly that it will soon be taken off [the] air, is constantly asking me to go on,” he tweeted.

He went on to tweet that the show became a “total disaster” after Barbara Walters left and that ABC was wasting people’s time.

Trump also promoted another tweet that called all of the panelists “brain-dead puppets.”

The flurry of tweets followed up Carson’s interview on the program earlier in the day. Goldberg and the other panelists chastised Carson, a former Republican presidential candidate, for supporting a “racist” like Trump in the GOP primary.

“You have aligned yourself with a man who has bashed women, made countless racist remarks, and you’re Ben Carson,” Goldberg said. “Why would you align yourself with that?”

But Carson said looked at both the “good and the bad” of Trump’s candidacy. He said there was no perfect candidate running and pointed out that the real-estate mogul owned an inclusive resort in southern Florida.

“You look at when Donald Trump first went down to the Palm Beach area and a lot of the clubs down there would not accept Jews and blacks,” he said. “He insisted on Jews and blacks and he helped to break that open.”

Carson continued: “Has he said some things that I wouldn’t say or you wouldn’t say? Of course.”

But Goldberg wasn’t satisfied with his answer.

“You can say that till the cows come home. But this guy, I’m sorry, he’s a racist and he’s not good for the country,” she said. “You’re Ben Carson, you’re so much better than this,” Goldberg added.

Another panelist, Joy Behar then jumped in. She asked how Carson could support Trump after the GOP frontrunner infamously compared Carson’s temperament to that of a “child molester.” However, Carson didn’t budge.

“If it was about me, I’d be offended. But it’s about America and we have to save this nation,” he said. “Tell me a politician who doesn’t tell lies?”

Trump, who appeared on “The View” last September, previously fumed about Goldberg and Behar. In January, he said: “Whoopi Goldberg is terrible. Very sad!”

Watch Carson’s interview on ‘The View’ below:

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