Stephen Colbert asked cartoon Trump how he'll win over Bernie Sanders voters

With Hillary Clinton poised to capture the Democratic presidential nomination, Donald Trump wants to win Bernie Sanders’ voters over to his side.

On Thursday’s “Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” cartoon Donald Trump showed us how he is going to do it.

Clearly, it will be a challenge. He and Sanders have very different stances on major political issues. As Colbert said, “The idea that Bernie Sanders voters would support him just seems outlandish. It seems cartoonish.”

That’s why he brought cartoon Trump back to the show to explain just how it could be done. Cartoon Trump doesn’t think it’s a challenge that Sanders supporters hate him. But what about the issues? Colbert reminded cartoon Trump that Sanders supporters steer young and liberal.

“Stephen, I’m known for liking them young. Everybody knows that. Plus, plus, I’m very liberal,” he answered, before putting on a Rastafarian-style knit hat. “I mean check out my new ‘Make America Great Again’ hat… I’m a Trump-stafarian. Get mellow with me, man.”

And as for Colbert pointing out that Sanders has socialist leanings, cartoon Trump didn’t feel that would be a problem, either.

“Me, too,” cartoon Trump answered. “I mean, my daughter is a socialite. We go to all the social functions. We’re total socialists.”

And as for abandoning his platform in order to poach Sanders supporters, cartoon Trump said, “I’m still building that wall with Mexico, but now it’s going to be covered in Phish posters.”

Watch the sketch below:

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