Donald Trump invites supporters on stage to say they are not 'deplorable'

Donald Trump on Monday evening invited a handful of supporters onstage at a North Carolina rally to offer their thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s “deplorable” comments from a fundraiser last week.

“These are not deplorable people, that I can tell you,” Trump said as his supporters made their way to the stage.

The husband and wife who spoke first said they had been working in public education for their entire lives.

“My wife and I represent non-deplorable people,” the husband joked.

.@realDonaldTrump supporters come on stage at Trump rally to respond to Clinton’s “deplorables” comment:
— ABC News Politics (@ABCPolitics) September 12, 2016

Others piled on.

“I am probably a lot of things,” a woman said. “Deplorable is not one of them, I assure you.”

“Do I look deplorable?” another woman added.

“No!” the crowd shouted back.

“I am a wife, a mother, and I work full time. Mrs. Clinton, you can go home!” the woman added.

Clinton said at a Friday gala in New York City that “half” of Trump’s supporters are “deplorable” people. She later said she regretted placing “half” of his supporters in that category.

Speaking to the National Guard Association Conference in Baltimore earlier in the day, Trump slammed Clinton for the remarks, saying she “spoke with hatred and derision” about a large segment of the population.  

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