Trump supporters attacked outside a campaign rally in California

The scene outside of a Donald Trump campaign rally in the San Francisco Bay Area apparently got out of hand on Thursday night.

Some anti-Trump protesters appeared to taunt people who attended the event at the San Jose Convention Center — at times shouting down attendees who were passing by.

Here’s a woman getting hit with an egg:

Protestors are getting out of hand #DonaldTrump
— Courtney Bennett (@courtbmedia) June 3, 2016

One man was apparently bloodied. That exchange was caught on video:

NOW: #Trump supporter attacked and left bleeding in San Jose
— Tim Pool (@Timcast) June 3, 2016

Others appeared to be followed by the crowd and then ambushed:

I called 911 but no one answered. Donald trump protest in San Jose, CA
— Marcus DiPaola (@marcusdipaola) June 3, 2016

Some of the anti-Trump protesters declared “no room for hate in the 408,” referring to a San Jose area code:

“In the 408 no hate:” Trump protesters stage mini protest at #SanJose rally.
— Riya Bhattacharjee (@loislane28) June 3, 2016

Others chanted “no hate in our state:”

“No hate in our state” being chanted at #Trump #protest in #SanJose
— myrcat (@Myrna_Perez) June 3, 2016

California rallies for Donald Trump have largely been upended by groups of protesters opposing his candidacy.

The state boasts one of the largest Latino populations in the US, and it is the first large state without a white plurality, according to state officials cited by the Los Angeles Times. Among other things, that has made Trump’s controversial immigration platforms deeply unpopular here.

Despite this, Trump remains unfazed by the uproar, even leaning in a little further on Thursday with new, racially tinged attacks aimed at the judge presiding over fraud cases against Trump University.

Trump invoked US District Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s Mexican heritage in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, calling it “an inherent conflict of interest” because the GOP nominee wants to build a wall on the border of Mexico.

Trump is a defendant in those Trump University fraud cases.

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