TRUMP: I got a 'bad vibe' from the Super Bowl

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continued criticising the Super Bowl on Monday morning.

“That was just a boring game. Am I the only one that thought that? … It was a terrible game. It was terribly played. And the whole thing had a bad vibe,” Trump said on the Boston-based sports-radio show, “Dennis and Callahan.”

During the game between the Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers, Trump tweeted that the contest was “very boring,” especially compared to politics. That post was retweeted more than 16,000 times.

Trump has frequently touted his relationship with New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. The Massachusetts-based team is popular in New Hampshire, which votes Tuesday in the primary. During his Monday radio interview, Trump lamented that Brady wasn’t playing in the big game.

“We needed our guy in there. … Well, we need Tom. We’re a little prejudiced,” he said. “So anyways, next year Tom will be in there. What people don’t know about Tom — he’s obviously a great quarterback, great athlete — but he’s a great guy.”

Brady was spotted with one of Trump’s famous campaign hats in his locker, but the quarterback has stopped short of outright endorsing Trump’s candidacy. Trump said Monday that he urged Brady to not endorse him.

“I told him not to. He’s got sponsors. He’s got all of these different things that he has to do,” Trump said. “He couldn’t be nicer. I mean, there was an article in GQ. He said, ‘Trump’s the biggest winner. Trump — you can’t beat Trump.’ And all that stuff. And I said, ‘Don’t do that. Because you may have a sponsor that doesn’t like me. They may be liberal.'”

He added:

It’s hard for athletes. With that being said, I have had many, many athletes … endorse me. A lot of different guys have endorsed me. Which is great. But Tom’s in a very interesting position. And I said, “Tom, don’t do that.” And what he does is he says great stuff about me. I think he would do it if I asked him. I’ve never asked him to do it, but I think he’d do it if I asked him.

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