Donald Trump Fired Me Because I Was Old


It’s been a litigious week for The Donald. He was already sued by Deutsche Bank for defaulting on his loan. Now a former hostess at his Trump National Golf Club in L.A. is claiming he violated labour laws by not giving her lunch breaks or even letting her go to the bathroom during her eight-hour shift. She also alleges age discrimination, saying he fired her because she got too old.

TMZ: Former hostess Lucy Messerschmidt is suing the Trump National Golf Club over a number of labour violations, claiming she wasn’t given 10-minute paid breaks, 30-minute unpaid lunch breaks or a chance to use the bathroom during her 8-hour shift — all required by California law.

In the class-action lawsuit filed yesterday in L.A. Superior Court, 45-year-old Lucy also claimed she was fired because of age discrimination. Lucy says she was let go for complaining about her shifts being cut down — which allegedly happened because a random club manager wanted “fresh faces” and “young girls” working when The Donald came around

Messerschmidt is looking for at least $15,000 in lost wages, damages and fees.

TMZ has the actual lawsuit here, if you have some time to kill.