Donald Trump's debate performance once again featured a bunch of apparent sniffling

Donald Trump’s performance in the second presidential debate Sunday night was once again punctuated by apparent sniffling. 

Throughout the duration of the 90-minute town-hall style debate, the Republican presidential nominee could be seen and heard sniffling, much like he seemingly did during the first debate nearly two weeks ago.

Following the first debate, Trump claimed was not actually sniffling, but defective audio due to a faulty microphone.

When he was pressed by “Fox and Friends” host Steve Doocy about the alleged sniffling, Trump doubled down, saying, “No, no sniffles, no.”

The Commission on Presidential Debates later confirmed that Trump had audio issues during the first debate.

However, the internet was quick to notice Trump’s apparent sniffling this time around as well, with a number of users speculating about whether the billionaire would point to a faulty microphone as the cause again. 





 Trump and Clinton will face off in the third and final presidential debate on Wednesday, October 19.

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