'Russia was an excuse': Trump repeats claim that US Democrats are still mad about the 2016 election

Screen Shot 2017 10 11 at 6.52.54 PMFox NewsPresident Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump revisited his angst from the contentious 2016 election during an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday night.

Trump said that Democrats had used the controversy surrounding Russia’s interference during the election as a scapegoat for Clinton’s loss.

“Russia was an excuse used by the Democrats when they lost the election,” Trump said. “They lost the election. They sat in a room and they said, ‘Wow, we look bad.'”

“They said, ‘Why did you lose the election,’ and they said, ‘Ah, it was Russia! Russia!’ It wasn’t Russia, it was a bad candidate. It was a candidate that didn’t go to Wisconsin and Michigan like they should have,” Trump continued.

After her defeat, Clinton wrote a memoir recounting the campaign. In it, she offered her thoughts on Russia’s “highly sophisticated influence operation” against the US, which was highlighted by various current and former US intelligence officials.

“I believe it did affect people’s votes,” Clinton said of Russia’s meddling in a September interview. “They clearly knew that stories that were making stuff up, trying to use the emails, were permeating Facebook and other sites,” Clinton continued. “That’s in the past. What’s important is the fact that the Russians are still going at us.”

During his interview Wednesday night, Trump signalled he believes the Russia investigation should continue, telling Hannity “the country has to know the truth.”

“We can’t let anybody play around with our voters and our voter system,” Trump said.

Watch a clip of the interview below:

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