Donald Trump says 4 of his rivals told him he 'crushed it' and won the debate

Big ideas. Big hair. Picture: Getty Images

Donald Trump is quite confident he won last Thursday’s Republican presidential debate.

In fact, Trump said several of the other candidates admitted defeat afterwards.

Trump made this astonishing claim in an interview with Business Insider on Monday.

“Four of the candidates came up to me and said, ‘You crushed it tonight. You won,'” Trump claimed.

Trump’s dispute with GOP pollster Frank Luntz was the main focus of the interview. Luntz conducted a focus group that aired on Fox News immediately after the debate and slammed Trump’s performance.

Though he cited the other candidates’ assessments as proof he was victorious in the debate, Trump would not specify which of his opponents thought he won.

“I can’t tell you that because I don’t want to embarrass them,” Trump said. “They were very nice to say it.”

Trump, who is leading polls of the Republican primary field, participated in a debate that featured the top ten leading GOP candidates. Seven other candidates who are behind in the polls were featured in a separate debate earlier on Thursday evening.

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