Donald Trump trashes Samuel L. Jackson's golf game after actor accuses him of cheating

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump’s golf feud with Samuel L. Jackson appears to be heating up.

On Wednesday, Trump fired off several tweets trashing Jackson’s golf game despite claiming the day before he had never played with the famous actor. The Republican presidential front-runner owns a number of golf clubs and resorts.

“I don’t cheat at golf but @SamuelLJackson cheats — with his game he has no choice — and stop doing commercials!” Trump exclaimed.

Trump added that he didn’t like Jackson’s swing, which he suggested was not “athletic.”

“I’ve won many club championships. Play him for charity!” he wrote.

The day before, Trump also said Jackson did too many television commercials, and that “to best of my knowledge,” they had never golfed together. This was apparently in response to Jackson telling United Airlines’ Rhapsody magazine that Trump cheats at golf.

Jackson also accused one of Trump’s New Jersey golf clubs of automatically making him a member and attempting to charge him.

“Apparently he’d made me a member of one of his golf clubs, and I didn’t even know it!” Jackson told the airline magazine of Trump.

After Trump’s Tuesday Twitter broadside, Jackson briefly posted an Instagram photo of the bill he said he received from Trump’s club.

“A bill from the guy that doesn’t know me & never golfed with me! I’m gonna Block his arse too!” he exclaimed in the post.

And in a Tuesday-night interview on on “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” Jackson further said that Trump had once invited him to play golf with former President Bill Clinton, whose past marital infidelities Trump has repeatedly attacked on the 2016 campaign trail.

Here are Trump’s Wednesday tweets attacking Jackson:

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