Donald Trump and Rick Perry are trolling each other over which one of them used to be the bigger suck-up

AP/Nati HarnikFormer Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R).

Real-estate developer Donald Trump and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) have spent the past two days sniping at each other over which one of them used to be a a stronger supporter of the other.

This is somewhat unusual because the two Republicans are presently locked in bitter feud and have routinely traded insults on the presidential campaign trail.

On Tuesday morning, Trump posted a photo of the candidates from the 2012 campaign, when he said Perry wanted contributions from him. 

“@GovernorPerry in my office last cycle playing nice and begging for my support and money,” Trump wrote on Instagram. “Hypocrite!”

But Perry’s campaign clearly believes that Trump used to be a far bigger fan of the former governor than the other way around. In fact, Perry’s team published a video Tuesday that claims Trump is actually Perry’s “biggest supporter” and features clips of Trump praising Perry’s record in the past.

“I think he’s a very impressive guy,” Trump says in one clip.

“He’s a terrific guy with a great record,” he says in another.

However, the 2016 presidential campaign appears to have ruined any potential friendship between the two. Perry called Trump’s harsh rhetoric against illegal immigration “a toxic mix of demagoguery and nonsense” and called on Trump to withdraw from the race last weekend after Trump questioned Sen. John McCain’s (R-Arizona) war record.

But Trump, no shrinking violet, has returned plenty of fire. The real-estate developer repeatedly blasts Perry’s “terrible” record securing the Texas border and openly questions Perry’s intelligence.

“He put glasses on so people will think he’s smart. And it just doesn’t work! People can see through the glasses,” Trump mused during a Tuesday campaign speech. “He used to be really a nice guy. He used to come see me for contributions and support. All of a sudden he wants to show he’s a tough guy with Trump.”

Watch the Perry campaign video below:

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