Donald Trump just dominated in another key round of primary states

Photo: Branden Camp/Getty Images.

Donald Trump swept through Tuesday’s Republican presidential-primary contests in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Shortly after the polls closed on Tuesday evening, several networks projected that the real-estate magnate was on track to sweep the day’s five primary contests, winning in Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

Trump quickly thanked his supporters, tweeting out a picture from a campaign rally in Maryland earlier this week.

All signs before the matchups in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Rhode Island, and Delaware pointed to blowout victories for the Republican presidential frontrunner.

Recent surveys leading up to the five primaries showed Trump with massive leads over his Republican rivals. And exit polls in the three early states called for Trump suggested large margins of victories for the mogul.

Still, it’s unclear whether Trump’s victories will help him reach the 1,237 delegates needed to clinch the Republican presidential nomination.

On Sunday, Ohio Gov. John Kasich and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz announced an alliance to essentially halt campaigning in certain states where the other candidate has a clear advantage, an attempt to block Trump from his path to the nomination.

Kasich canceled campaign events and advertisements in Indiana, while Cruz’s campaign said that it will clear a path for Kasich to perform well in Oregon and New Mexico.

If Trump does not reach the 1,237-delegate threshold, he could run into problems attempting to lock up the nomination. Cruz has continually outmaneuvered Trump in electing delegates to the Republican National Convention. If Trump does not win 1,237 delegates, many convention delegates would become “unbound” to Trump in later rounds of convention voting, giving Cruz or Kasich a likely boost in support.

But the angling for the nomination may not be helping Cruz.

Exit polls in Pennsylvania on Tuesday showed that more Republican voters believe that the Texas senator has run the “most unfair campaign” on the GOP side. As ABC notes, most exit-poll responders in other states said that Trump has run a more unfair campaign than his Republican rivals.

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