DONALD TRUMP: ‘Putin is a nicer person than I am’

Real-estate developer Donald Trump said Monday that Russian President Vladimir Putin is actually a nicer person than he is.

“Putin is a nicer person than I am,” he said while taking questions at a press conference during which he unveiled his new tax plan.

Trump made this claim after Business Insider asked him about some of his tweets the day before.

The Republican presidential front-runner shared some of his supporters’ tweets who said the “60 Minutes” episode that night featured a tougher interview with Putin than himself.

“Putin was interviewed and I was interviewed last night. I thought Charlie Rose did an excellent job but I thought his was a softer interview,” Trump told Business Insider.

“Scott Pelley interviewed me. I thought Scott was terrific,” he added. “I mean, it was a tough interview but I thought he was very fair. And I thought the piece was very good.”

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