donald trump

The New York Post is reporting that today is the day when Donald Trump will officially decide whether to give up his reality star career and run for President.

A source has told the Post that Trump will meet will NBC bosses today to give the final verdict on whether his is sticking with the show.

A couple of factors one imagines are weighing into his decision: 

Over the weekend Mike Huckabee, arguably the highest profile and most realistic candidate of the current GOP bunch, dropped out of the race.  He then appeared on Fox News Sunday and told Chris Wallace he thought Trump would make a better president than Obama.

Celebrity Apprentice was renewed for the Fall, with or without Trump aboard. 

According to the Post, TV execs have been pushing (pleading?) with Trump to stay. 

As the Post also points out time wise this week is important: it’s Upfront week and NBC is set to present their plans for the new fall season to advertisers later today.

All of which suggest after weeks of hype today might actually be the day we find out whether Trump’s next reality show will be an NBC affair or a presidential one.