Trump has been married 3 times — here's what we know about his prenups

The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty ImagesThe wedding of Marla Maples and entrepreneur Donald Trump, New York City, 20th December 1993.
  • President Donald Trump has been married three times.
  • After two of those marriages ended in divorce, the details of Trump’s prenuptial agreements became public.
  • The agreements encompass piles of money, houses, and apartments that were modified based on Trump’s expanding families and wealth.
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President Donald Trump frequently touts his career spent making billions of dollars in real-estate deals, but he has a well-documented track record of cutting deals with his wives as well.

With three marriages and two divorces under his belt, Trump is no stranger to prenuptial agreements, which lay out what each spouse will gain or lose in a divorce.

“It’s a hard, painful, ugly tool,” Trump said after his third marriage. “Believe me, there’s nothing fun about it. But there comes a time when you have to say, ‘Darling, I think you’re magnificent, and I care for you deeply, but if things don’t work out, this is what you’re going to get.'”

These contracts can include money, houses, or anything a future spouse deems valuable enough to protect. They can also be amended over the course of a marriage to match a spouse’s growing wealth or growing family, and are often private until the terms shake out in a divorce settlement.

Here’s everything we know about Trump’s prenups:

After meeting at a popular uptown watering hole for New York City’s singles, Donald Trump and model Ivana Zelnicek were married April 7, 1977.

Adam Scull/ /MediaPunch /IPX

Source: Vanity Fair

Over the course of their relationship, the couple had four prenups that were adjusted as their family and wealth grew.

After the marriage lasted over three kids and 13 years, the couple filed for divorce on December 11, 1990. It was reported that the last of the couple’s four prenuptial agreements dictated the final divorce deal.

Ron Galella/WireImageDonald Trump and Ivana Trump attend Man of the Year Awards Honouring Lawrence Harvey on April 9, 1991 at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Source: The New York Times

Under the final agreement, Ivana was awarded $US25 million plus the couple’s Greenwich mansion, or an additional $US22 million if the mansion was sold before the divorce was finalised.

Russell C. Turiak/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty ImagesHouse owned by real estate tycoon Donald Trump.

Source: The New York Times

Donald was also ordered to pay about $US650,000 annually in child support for the couple’s three children — similar to what Mrs. Trump agreed to in a prenuptial agreement.

Davidoff Studios/Getty ImagesSocialite Ivana Trump, son Eric Trump, businessman Donald Trump, and daughter Ivanka Trump at the Mar-a-Lago estate, Palm Beach, Florida.

Source: The New York Times

The final deal was reached after months of negotiations intended to ensure Ivana would receive the money from Donald, who was reportedly deep in debt from real estate deals and could not obtain the money through bank loans.

Joe McNally/Getty ImagesDonald Trump, real estate mogul, poses in the foyer of his home in August 1987 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Source: The New York Times

Trump then married actress Marla Maples, who was at the center of the drama in his first divorce, in 1993, just after the birth of their daughter Tiffany.

Source: Business Insider

In 1997, the couple announced their plans to divorce. The decision came just before a four-year wedding anniversary specified in their prenup that would have increased Maples’ possible settlement from its original range of $US1 million to $US5 million.

Ron Galella/WireImageEric Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Tiffany Trump, Ivanka Trump, Donald Trump, and Marla Maples.

Source: People Magazine

After they settled in 1999 on Trump handing over just $US2 million, Maples said the prenuptial agreement “had been placed before me just five days before our 1993 wedding.”

Source: New York Daily News

Though she accepted it, Maples made no secret of her dissatisfaction with the settlement, saying she walked away with the terms of the original agreement after two years of fighting, giving up “verbal commitments [Trump] made to me during our 12-year relationship.”

Ron Galella/WireImageDonald Trump and Marla Maples attend Municipal Art Society Awards Gala on March 4, 1997 in New York City.

Source: New York Daily News

Donald’s third marriage was to Slovenian Melania Knauss on January 2, 2005.


Though the terms of their prenuptial agreement were not ever made public, gossip columnist Liz Smith said Trump was pleased, saying, “The beautiful thing is that she agrees with it. She knows I have to have that.”

Source: Business Insider

Speculation over the details of the agreement came into the spotlight when the two moved into the White House after Trump was elected, which some say could factor into settlement discussions upon a potential break-up of their marriage.

Alex Wong/Getty ImagesPresident Donald Trump and first lady Melania Trump at a turkey pardoning event at the Rose Garden of the White House November 20, 2018.

Source: Town & Country

Melania and Donald have weathered a storm of scrutiny under the public eye, a US election, and numerous sexual harassment allegations during their 13-year marriage and appear to be the same as ever, so the details of their prenup are safe for now.

Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty ImagesPresident Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, and son Barron Trump walk to Marine One to depart from the South Lawn at the White House on Friday, March 08, 2019 in Washington, DC.

Source: Business Insider

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