Donald Trump is making a potato-based campaign pitch to Idaho voters

Donald trump potatoTGI Fridays/AP ImagesThis has nothing to do with Trump’s affinity for potatoes. It’s an image from a TGI Friday’s marketing campaign in front of Trump Tower.

On the eve of the Idaho primary, Donald Trump apparently wants voters to know that he really loves Idaho potatoes.

“I’m doing well in Idaho. I love their potatoes,” Trump said Tuesday on “Good Morning America.”

Trump also brought up Idaho’s potatoes at a Monday-afternoon campaign rally in Concord, North Carolina, performing a something of a word-association game with each of the four states voting Tuesday.

“Michigan’s going to be — look, I’ve been fighting hard for cars. Cars are going to be made in our country,” Trump said.

“We have Idaho! We love Idaho potatoes, right? Who doesn’t have potatoes from Idaho,” he continued. “And Mississippi — which, I’m there a lot, actually. Do we love Mississippi, yes? Then we have Hawaii. I have a big hotel in Hawaii.”

On Monday evening, the former reality-television star attempted to tie his newly public love for Idaho potatoes to his restrictionist trade policy proposals, assuring local┬ápotato farmers that he would “protect”┬átheir industry.

“Thank you Idaho! I love your potatoes — nobody grows them better. As President, I will protect your market,” Trump tweeted:

As some observers have noted, though potato farming and processing accounts for a significant part of Idaho’s economy, state potato farmers are likely not particularly concerned about foreign potato imports gaining a competitive edge.

The US is already the world’s top exporter of potato products, and Idaho is still the No. 1 state producer of potatoes.

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