Donald Trump owns gold

Donald Trump owns some gold.

Trump just disclosed a big 92-page report on his financial holdings with the government as required by his bid for President, and buried on page 36 is an investment in gold.

And as Russ Choma at Mother Jones notes, this is not gold futures, or an exchange-traded fund that tracks the price of gold, this is the real thing.

As goldbugs call it, the “physical metal.”

Recently, the price of gold has been trending south in a big way, falling about 40% from its peak hit back in 2011 and hitting 5-year lows.

You can read Business Insider’s full breakdown of Trump’s disclosure here.

And here’s where we found Trump’s gold holdings, right next to his checking account which has between $US15,001 and $US50,000 in it, and a host of other financial assets.

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