The White House says Donald Trump's perma-tan is due to 'good genes' and not spray tans

  • President Donald Trump’s skin maintains a tanned, orange hue even though it’s winter.
  • The official White House position is that it’s due to “good genes,” a phrase Trump himself uses often.
  • For TV appearances, the president applies a skin powder to his face.
  • While many people say Trump likes using tanning beds, there’s no evidence he keeps one in the White House.

It’s February, and yet President Donald Trump’s skin maintains the same tanned, orange glow as it does year-round. What’s his secret?

The official White House position on the issue, a “senior administration official” told the New York Times on the condition of anonymity, is that Trump’s tawny tincture is the result of “good genes.”

The phrase “good genes” echoes Trump himself, who brags a lot about his own and his family’s genes. Time even made a supercut of him talking about his “good genes.” And Trump can certainly be described as a “senior administration official.” Hmm.

The official also told the Times that the only cosmetic the president uses is a translucent powder he applies himself before TV appearances.

There are other theories people have offered to explain Trump’s skin tone. The area around his eyes are paler than the rest of is face, suggesting the use of tanning goggles and some kind of artificial pigmentation, like a spray tan or tanning bed.

A celebrity tanning artist said in 2016 that he believes the president uses both a tanning bed and a spray tan. And Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former Trump aide in the White House,said he uses a tanning bed on a daily basis, and that an aide was even fired for mishandling the transportation of the bed to the White House. Friends of Trump have also said he enjoys using a tanning bed.

On the other hand, three people who have spent time in the White House residence say there isn’t a tanning bed there, according to the Times. So maybe it’s just good genes, after all.

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