TRUMP: 'I'm never getting out'

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump has a new answer to people asking him if he could end up exiting the presidential race.


Trump explained his new answer Friday on “Morning Joe.”

The Republican front-runner was frustrated this week after he appeared Sunday on “Meet the Press.” During that interview, Trump was asked if he would ever drop out, and he said he would if his poll numbers tanked.

“The amazing thing,” Trump recalled Friday. “I made this statement that, ‘Well, if I could see I wasn’t going to win, and if my numbers were really terrible, and if you wouldn’t call [for interviews], and everybody’s not calling, if I saw it wasn’t going to happen, of course I would [drop out].'”

Trump added: “The next day headlines: ‘Trump considering maybe getting out of the race.’ It was so ridiculous.'” 

Accordingly, the business mogul says he is no longer going to speculate about such things. 

“So you know what I say right now?” he asked. “I give more of a political answer: I’m never getting out.”

Watch below:

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