Donald Trump says Brian Williams shouldn't have gone back to NBC's 'poor sister'

Donald Trump isn’t supportive of Brian Williams’ latest career choices.

NBC’s former “Nightly News” anchor will soon be reporting for work at MSNBC. After being placed on suspension for lying on-air about some of his experiences at NBC, Williams be serving as the cable news channel’s breaking news and special reports anchor.

The Hollywood ReporterDonald Trump’s first magazine cover of his presidential campaign.

“I wasn’t a fan of Brian Williams,” Trump answered when The Hollywood Reporter asked if he’d appear with Williams on MSNBC.

Trump had a fallout with Fox News’ Megyn Kelly over questions she asked him during the first primary debate and has since said he won’t appear with her. But, the leading Republican presidential candidate never quite answered THR’s question as to whether or not he’d appear with Williams. 

“First of all, I think he made a terrible mistake,” Trump continued. “He handled the situation horribly, and he should have left with dignity and shouldn’t have gone back to work for the same company. For him to go from the parent to the poor sister [network] — and that’s not even the poor sister, that’s the poor baby.”

Clearly not in Williams’ camp, Trump does have some (backhanded) compliments for the newsman.

“He has never treated me well, so I’m not a fan,” he reiterated to the Hollywood trade magazine. “How is he going to do? I think he’ll do fine. MSNBC is lucky to have him. But if I were in Brian’s shoes, I would never have gone back. I’m sure he doesn’t need the money.”

Watch a video from the THR interview below:


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