Donald Trump ‘had one bad experience’ with Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby can’t count Donald Trump as one of his supporters.

“I’ve never been a fan,” Trump answered when asked by The Hollywood Reporter about the sexual assault allegations against Cosby.

“I had one bad experience with him,” the real estate mogul continued. “I was on ‘Letterman,’ and he was following me on the show. He said, ‘Oh, I want to buy you a suit.’ It was nice, he bought me a suit. And then he was on [NBC’s ‘Today’ show], and my name was mentioned, and he went absolutely crazy. And I said, ‘What the hell was that all about?'”

It’s possible Trump is referring to Cosby’s 2011 appearance on “Today” when then-host Meredith Vieira asked the comedian how he felt about the real estate mogul’s potential 2012 presidential run.

Donald trump bill cosby feud

“Oh, please with Donald Trump. Take him home with you,” Cosby told Vieira.

He then said of Trump’s reticence to announce a presidential run: “He’s full of it … You run or shut up … The only thing he’s running is his mouth.”

And there has been no love lost for Trump over the last few years.

“I was never a fan,” Trump added to THR. “His humour was always, like, slow and stupid to me. I never saw it. And then he’s obviously got this stuff. What amazes me is he was so quiet and then you see these depositions. What was he doing? Was he drunk? You see he admitted all this stuff on top of everything else. I think he’s weird. And I never found his humour good at all. Just sit in a chair, talk very slowly? And I say to myself, ‘What’s this all about?’

A representative for Cosby didn’t respond to Business Insider’s request for comment.

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