Donald Trump rages at New York Times after extensive report about his treatment of women

Donald Trump slammed The New York Times on Sunday for the paper’s comprehensive report detailing Trump’s “debasing” treatment of many women he knew personally.

On Saturday, The Times published a report compiled of more than 50 interviews with those who were familiar with Trump and his interactions with women.

Many of the interview subjects described Trump’s “unsettling” penchant for comments about women’s bodies and “unwelcome” romantic advances, which they said occasionally occurred in the workplace. Others lauded the businessman’s nurturing of the careers of many “ambitious” women around him.

In a series of tweets on Sunday, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee called the Times report “a joke.”

“Everyone is laughing at the @nytimes for the lame hit piece they did on me and women. I gave them many names of women I helped- refused to use,” Trump wrote.

Trump characterised the Times as a “failing” news organisation and retweeted several supporters who criticised the Times reporting.

Most recent polls show Trump’s favorability ratings among female voters lower than any other major presidential candidate this cycle.

Some observers have pinned Trump’s plummeting numbers on his numerous eyebrow-raising public comments about women, including one of his ex-wives and various celebrities like Rosie O’Donnell.

During appearances on shock jock Howard Stern’s show, for instance, Trump rated women on a 10-point scale of attractiveness and described his avoidance of sexually-transmitted diseases as his “own personal Vietnam” War.

Still, Trump has maintained that there is nothing wrong with the way he has treated women.

Trump pointed out on Sunday that he promoted women to high-ranking positions within his organisation, and claimed that “all are impressed with how nicely I have treated women.”

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