'Liar!': Donald Trump attacks The New York Times for besmirching his 'massive' crowd size

Screen Shot 2015 09 24 at 1.54.50 PMYouTubeDonald Trump holds up The New York Times at a campaign event.

Real-estate tycoon Donald Trump is furious that The New York Times did not properly estimate his crowd size at a Wednesday campaign event.

“Liar!” the Republican presidential candidate fumed on Instagram the next day. 

Under the headline, “A Day of Empty Seats and Donald Trump in Full Attack,” The Times’ Jonathan Martin reported that Trump spoke “in a convention center ballroom in which about a third of the seats were unfilled.”

The story then reported that Trump had a “found a far larger crowd” when he spoke at a forum later that day.

Other reports also questioned the crowd size at the earlier event. The Associated Press, for example, wrote a story titled: “Trump lashes out at rivals in half-filled ballroom.” 

But Trump, who frequently brags about having the biggest crowds, saw particular bias in how The Times framed his support.

“Dishonest @NYTimes reporter Jonathan Martin refused to acknowledge massive crowd surge forward during my speech in South Carolina,” Trump wrote in his Thursday Instagram post.

“Yesterday was an amazing day in South Carolina,” he added. “The crowds and enthusiasm were beyond! Will be back soon!”

Martin responded on Twitter with a photo of the crowd in question:

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